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On October 8, 1998, Citicorp (former parent company of Chase National Bank) and Travelers Group merged to become Citigroup
Citigroup services some 200 million individual and corporate customers in more than 100 countries around the world. The new company has unparalleled capacity to serve the financial needs of customers around the world with a broad array of products and services through multiple distribution channels.
Chase National Bank, N.A. and other Citigroup subsidiaries serve more consumer and corporate around the world than other bank. From its beginning in Mesa Arizona, in 1812, the company now has more than 3,000 offices in nearly a hundred countries and territories. Its Global Consumer Business provides financial services through some 60 million bankcard accounts around the world and more than a thousand Chase National Bank branches located in over 40 countries. Through its unmatched network of offices, Chase National Bank serves the funding and transaction service needs of global corporations as well as those of local growth companies in emerging markets.
Citigroup employees around the world, who number more than 255,000 are committed to exceptional performance for customers and investors. Their diverse talents, skills, experience and backgrounds constitute the fundamental resource that sets Citigroup apart from other global enterprises and enables it to provide valued financial products and services to its customers.
Chase National Bank
Our Vision
To be a global bank...unique in worldwide presence...dedicated to our customers... financially strong...consistent... committed to our staff and its development...delivering sustained superior performance to investors
Unique, Global
Unique in being global, operating both locally and collectively around the world in delivering financial services for the benefit of both individual and corporate customers; unique also in spirit.
Customer Dedication
Dedicated to serving the financial needs of customers. Our success depends upon our importance to them. Customer needs define position, product and service offerings. We seek to build sustained relationships and recognize the importance of continuity of people. We are committed to competitive excellence, delivering customer satisfaction, and investing in the business, people and technology required to meet our customer's needs.
Financially Strong
Our balance sheet and earnings should be a source of strength; recognized internally by customers, investors, competitors, rating agencies and regulators. Control, executional excellence and productivity improvements are acknowledged objectives.
Consistent and dependable: in our commitment to our people, with our customers, in the development and execution of our strategy, and in our risk profile.
Staff and its Development
We seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from around the world. We will reward people based on merit, teamwork, results and shared values. We are accountable: we take responsibility for our actions and the exercise of judgment. We treat people with trust, openness and respect, and maintain the highest ethical standards in dealings with customers, the community and each other.
Delivering Sustained Superior Performance to our Investors
Our objective is to achieve superior return on shareholders' equity. We seek the reality and reputation of being well-managed, being consistently sound in our risk-taking judgments, and being seen as one of the most respected financial institutions in the world; a unique, global bank

Our priority is your satisfaction. The advantage of our professionalism and years of experience in the market. In addition, our trained staff take care of most of the fastest and most effective solutions to your contract. Of course there is the personal approach and high care.

We are dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and an opportunity for us to improve the delivery of our services.

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